About Adrenaline Health


We generate movements that inspire your target audience

Every person seeks to be inspired, to do better and live a more fulfilling life.  This is more than a simple fact – it represents a movement that most companies and the consulting firms and agencies they hire to provide solutions fall far short in delivering upon.  “One-size-fits-all” loyalty and engagement platforms, apps and digital tools that are developed and never used, communication approaches that fail to entertain or minimally grab the attention of the intended target.
Great businesses are built on imagination, meaningful value propositions and a unique voice aimed at reaching and appealing to individuals where they stand and on the basis of their needs and expectations.
At Adrenaline Health, our focus is on activating your customer, employees and partners around your movement, your revolution or simply around big ideas designed to drive great experiences and outcomes that benefit everyone involved.  We do this broadly via two avenues:
1.  Transformative Consulting Services focused on Innovation
2.  Adrenaline Health "Factor" – our proprietary human-centered approach and Loyalty Platform
Identifying and unleashing your existing assets, buttressing your shortfalls with new ideas and solutions we create with and for you and enhancing the customer and employee relationships you already hold while going deeper and extending them to new audiences is our sweet spot and why we get hired.



A fortune 50 employer

Adrenaline Health was asked to examine an existing health and wellness engagement platform focused on employees and dependents. The incumbent solution was not delivering on the program goals, and growth in participation was stalled.  Adrenaline worked cooperatively with both the client and the Third- Party Provider in developing a process that would identify gaps and performance shortfalls and understand why they were occurring.  Further, Adrenaline Health identified opportunities to leverage existing data and analytics to better respond to the individual needs of the 300,000+ employees and dependents. Strategies included an improved reward strategy that would more effectively communicate with sub groups, subsequently driving enhanced levels of engagement.  This initiative resulted in improved reporting and analytic optics, a true “campaign” approach to communications and rewards designed to appeal to the many different employee segments.

A leading consumer electronics retailer

The Office of Strategic Growth engaged Adrenaline Health with exploring an opportunity to provide in-home design services as provided by specially trained sales representatives as part of their Smart Home business initiative.  Specifically, the client wanted to identify an optimal way to maintain and grow the customer relationship post actually providing the design and subsequent installation of technology, electronics, entertainment and security products.  Adrenaline Health mapped the entire customer experience from the initial store visit, to home visit, through installation and designed the post-implementation experience and strategies to deliver it optimally.  As a result of this work, Board approval was given to green light and invest against this new growth strategy on a national basis in Spring, 2017.

Consumer Electronics.png


A breakthrough health insurer

A multi-state insurance company, offering products in the commercial and Medicare spaces engaged Adrenaline Health on multiple initiatives including engagement programs, loyalty, and incentive rewards.  Adrenaline Health provided a completely revamped strategy as well as marketing approaches specific to the products it is selling and; oversaw an agency review to identify a creative partner to drive awareness on the basis of the brand strategy Adrenaline Health created and; is creating a Partnership Marketing approach to enhance and drive preference for the insurers services.  Additionally, Adrenaline  Health partnered to develop the Member Engagement strategy and how it is fulfilled for the upcoming plan year and beyond.  This includes understanding and charting the member experience, segmenting members by lifestyle and by market and determining the rewards and incentive strategy that will drive necessary behavioral change leading to improved health and wellness.